Healthy living is on the rise. Both the gen-z and millennials are embarking on the journey of nutritious eating, exercising, and avoiding binge drinking. 

However, healthy living is not all about being in a good shape. A calm and positive mindset and physical environment equally contribute to our all-around feeling of well-being.

But with two plus years of being quarantined at home, surrounded by the same four walls, limited exposure to friends and family, and increased work and financial pressures, have taken its toll on individuals and families alike.

Do you have a separate dedicated workspace at home? (Lucky you!). Or maybe a multi-purpose room that doubles as an office? But what if you couldn’t arrange a space for your work-from-home office?

In all these cases how can you create a functional, versatile and beautiful workspace without breaking the bank?

Whether you work from home for eight hours a day, five days a week, a few days a week or only occasionally, we’ve got you covered.  

  1. Think Green

Working from home, at the best of times, surrounded by noisy housemates, family, or neighbours, while dealing with increasing work pressures in an always-connected world, is a recipe for stress.

Hence the first step is to create an environment, or a space at least, that reduces stress. Because being proactive and productive is what we all need right now.

Plants do the magic!

The colour green is known to boost creative output. Researchers dubbed this the ‘green effect’. No other objects like the plants can encapsulate the green thumb so effortlessly.

A peace-lily planter, a vase full of red roses, or some succulents will add a nice dose of green and fresh energy to your indoors.

  1. Stand up and de-clutter

We’ve talked about those who have access to a whole room for their home office. Now let’s talk about the small spaces- the desk, chair, the corner of the home, partitioned area, or whatever you find yourself working in.

A clean space works like a spiritual therapy that calms the mind. Much like the plants, when there is minimal visual clutter, it declutters our mind and helps us focus on the task at hand.

For those trying to achieve the look while going easy on the pocket, we suggest seeking solutions in floating shelves & cute storage boxes, and console tables.

  1. Clean & Bright

Don’t have a working space with many windows and stunning views? That’s okay. With clever lighting, some framed pictures and mirrors, you can create a bright and spacious feel.

Usually, ceiling lights provide enough ambient lighting for bigger spaces. While for small home offices where floor and desk space is limited, narrow floor lamps do wonders.

Include a table light for an extra boost while working during the evening and also consider your choice of bulbs, where you can adjust the lighting effect between the lights in the room to focus, relax, or unwind.

But what if you are blessed with natural light? Use it smartly. The use of mirrors enhances the natural light in any space making it more airy and fresh. 

When there’s too much sunlight pouring in from outside, consider colourful curtains in combination with translucent blinds to reduce excessive glare, while still allowing in light.

  1. Hideaway furniture

If you don’t have any spare personal space where you live, thoughtful separation of work and home is vital to ensure a healthy balance. 

With the lines between work and home life blurring due to our ever-more connected lives and mobile devices, it's challenging to wind down after spending eight hours in front of a computer.

Out of sight, out of mind! With the help of some clever and functional furniture selections, it's easier to find balance. Consider getting a beautiful cabinet that will look gorgeous, while hiding your work set-up when it is time to unplug. 

Also choosing the right desk and a comfy chair will help make your body feel like it’s relaxed.

  1. Cosy vibe with lots of colour, light and cute accessories

Designing a home office is fun! You can be flexible or creative as much as you want. No colleagues, boss, or protocols to worry about. 

The home office should be a true representation of yourself and filled with everything that makes you comfortable (and happy!)

Allow yourself to have the homey cosy vibe with chrome or wooden lanterns, showcase your favourite memories in different-sized photo frames, repaint the walls for a pop of colour, and add some soft touches like a distressed rug, and colourful cushion on the chair.

Final thought:

If you spend up to eight hours a day, or even a few hours working from home on a regular basis, hopefully, the above tips will help you achieve a good work/life balance.

MacCarthy’s Interiors team.