Torc Spiced Cinnamon & Clove Refill

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Torc Spiced Cinnamon & Clove Refill 

"The base of grated clove and a hint of bergamot highlight the top notes of spiced cinnamon and apple to the forefront, reminding you of the festive season while offering solace during the cold winter nights"

Sweet and woody, our Spiced Cinnamon & Clove is a fragrance that will bring cheer to your day while the base scent gives an added comfort.

Take in a soothing combination of cheer and comfort in our Spiced Cinnamon & Clove fragrance. All of our Torc diffusers are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, and recyclable. With our refills, you can effortlessly add continuous fragrance to your home for over 3 months.

- Size: 200ml